Is financial planning right for me?

Even in the best of circumstances, managing your money and making plans for the future can be stressful, but it becomes significantly more difficult when the economy is struggling. So, it is understandable why so many people in the current environment place a great value in a financial plan and it’s right to ask yourself Is financial planning right for me?

Here are just some of the ways financial planning can help:

What is financial planning?

  • Retire on your own terms – Whether you are just starting to save for your retirement or you are nearly retired, financial planning will help you feel confident about the road ahead. Ensuring your make the right decisions to generate the income you need for the retirement you want.
  • Make your money work harder – make the most of your money and the tax allowances available to you to help you meet your personal goals
  • Make the most of the inheritance tax rules – get expert tax advice ensuring your leave a legacy to your loved ones
  • Investment advice – get expert advice on investments that fit your goals and set up a portfolio that’s tailored to levels of risk that’s right for you
  • Protect yourself and your family – make sure your family are looked after financially in the event of ill health or death
  • Help you plan how much money to put aside for emergencies or loss of income
  • Plan the cost of long-term care. Feel confident you’ll be able to get the best care possible for you or a loved one

The benefits of financial planning for me

Your life is full of milestones and personal goals you hope to achieve. Some may feel simple and short term where others are further into the future such as retiring early or buying a holiday home.

Supporting the milestones

Your financial plan considers all your potential milestones ahead and will help you plan for changes or life’s goals whether big and small. Plus, we’ll add peace of mind by helping you to be more financially resilient should you hit any speed bumps.

Always adapting with you

Life is always moving forward and your money needs to adapt with you. Your adviser will continue to review your financial circumstances to ensure your financial plan is still aligned to your goals as you and your family grows and changes. We always discuss next steps and provide you with the knowledge and crucially the confidence to make decisions you’re comfortable with.

Confidence in your decisions

The support, knowledge and expertise you’ll get from financial planning will help you feel more confident and in control about the future. No more guess work, you’ll receive complete peace of mind knowing the financial advice you are receiving is tailored just to you.

We’re independent which means our financial advisers have access to the whole market to ensure you get what’s right for you. From how to be more tax efficient and planning for retirement to building your wealth and leaving a legacy. Whatever your plans for the future we are here to listen to your individual needs.

Reassurance in the personal touch

The key to successful financial advice is a personalised plan. We have been working with families and business owners for over 21 years and no two plans are the same. Your unique goals for life will drive how your individual plan will come together.

Your adviser will help you unravel the many different options available to help you achieve your goals and help you understand how addressing one aspect of your finances, can also benefit another.

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Is financial planning right for me? If you would like to know more about financial planning and how it can help you, get in touch. We provide a complimentary, in-depth meeting with one of our advisers. It’s a great opportunity to understand if financial planning is right for you.

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Please note: Tax rules can and do change and their benefits depend on your individual circumstances. Our advisers will take into account the effect of tax in making financial planning recommendations. A qualified accountant should always be consulted where specific tax calculations are required.


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