Personal Financial Planning

We are experts in helping clients to navigate saving and investment opportunities, retirement options, life insurance, income protection and tax planning.

Our independent financial advisers work closely with you to provide a robust financial roadmap to achieve your lifetime goals. We don’t stop there your plan will continue to be reviewed as you and your family grow and circumstances change.

Our areas of personal finance expertise include:


We build a strategy together and take an active role in managing your retirement assets. We monitor how your pension is performing and keep you informed as to when your plan may need to be adapted by reviewing the strategy, reviewing your position and talking about any changes in the market place.

As you approach retirement, we will advise you on how best to withdraw money from your fund, ensuring maximum flexibility and tax efficiency to meet your needs and offer continuous investment planning and support afterwards.

David’s Story

David was a skilled labourer and always thought about downing tools for an early retirement with his family. But he lacked confidence in his finances and needed the reassurance that now was the right time to retire.

Find out how David achieved the confidence to retire early.

Portfolio Creation and Investment Management

Every client portfolio is tailored to individual requirements in terms of period of investment, purpose of investment and the amount of risk and security required.

We see ourselves primarily as managers of our clients’ money, and so the correct structuring of client portfolios is the most vital part of our business.

Life, Health and Income Protection

Adequate life assurance and family protection comes before anything else as financial planning can only be successfully implemented when protection policies are in place. We seek to structure the correct level of cover to protect you and your family in the event that your income stops, for whatever reason.

Inheritance Tax Planning

There are many arrangements which you can make that can limit or eliminate the amount of tax due on an estate. We are able to dovetail our expertise in financial planning with specialist Trust knowledge to provide advice relevant to your situation.

Unless you make plans to address the problem of Inheritance Tax early enough, those you intend to benefit from your estate after your death may end up with a substantial tax bill!

Tax Planning and Financial Management

We seek to arrange your affairs in as tax-efficient a manner as possible, using conventional investment products as well as Trusts and similar arrangements designed to provide tax efficiency.

We have a resident expert in Trusts and taxation, and work together with accountants and solicitors to ensure our clients have their affairs properly structured in terms of planning and taxation

Mortgage Finance

Very often the mainstream lenders are not the best place to go for finance and we maintain a professional relationship with every reputable lender in the domestic and commercial markets.

Whether it be a repayment, interest-only, help-to-buy, right-to-buy, or buy-to-let mortgage on variable, fixed rate or off-set terms, or whether you are a first time buyer, someone re-mortgaging, scaling up or down-sizing, Innes Reid starts with advising you on your maximum allowable borrowings and the level that we would suggest is sensible.

We can also deal with possibly difficult scenarios, such as non-standard income or bad credit history – always aiming to get you the very best overall agreement for your current or anticipated future position.

We see the mortgage application process through and with our long experience in the field means we can minimise the time taken and the paperwork needed to achieve your mortgage offer.

Pension and Divorce

Going through a divorce or considering a separation can be one of the most emotionally challenging journeys you may ever experience.

A pension can be a couples most valuable asset. It is important that pensions are considered in the financial settlement if a couple decides to divorce or dissolve their registered civil partnership. Getting the right independent financial advice and support is crucial to help you reach the best possible financial settlement to protect you and your family.

We will guide you through the many financial options to consider including:

  • Pension Sharing
  • Deferred Lump Sum
  • Pension Offsetting
  • Deferred Pension Sharing
  • Pension Earmarking

Divorce support for Solicitors

Innes Reid work closely with Solicitors to help and support their clients to achieve a fair financial settlement. We are able to assist in completing financial paperwork and can help to speed up the divorce process.

  • Pension sharing, pension splitting, pension offsetting and pension attachment orders
  • Valuation of current pension benefits, investments and insurance policies
  • Setting up new pension arrangements, investments and insurance policies
  • Arranging family and maintenance income protection
  • Arrangements for a new mortgage or property investment

We are Chartered Financial Planners and hold the Advanced Chartered Insurance Institute (AF&) pension qualification. We are registered as an approved pension transfer specialist with the FCA, which means we can provide expert pension planning advice on divorce.

Need to know more about financial planning?

If you have any questions or would like more information about how personal financial planning could work for you please get in touch. Your first meeting at Innes Reid is entirely at our expense and there is no obligation to work with us.

Email, Call 01244 347 583 or complete our book a meeting form and we will contact you promptly.

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