Inheritance Tax

It isn’t always easy to discuss what you would like to happen to your wealth after your death. You may have concerns about your wealth and taking financial care of your family. We have specialist Trust and tax knowledge to guide you through this complex area of Inheritance Tax and gifting to ensure you have full confidence that your loved ones will benefit from your legacy.

  • Peace of mind that your wealth goes to your loved ones or beneficiaries you care about
  • Expert guidance on Inheritance Tax
  • Reduce or eliminate the amount of tax due on your estate where possible
  • Provide clear, jargon free advice on complex tax decisions


Helen and her Daughter’s Story

After helping our client Mary with her Retirement Planning for over 10 years, Chartered Financial Planner, Mark Reidford also reduced her Mother, Helen’s, Inheritance Tax bill by over £400,000.

Find out how we reduced Helen’s Inheritance Tax.

Gifting, Trust Planning & Charities

We will give you guidance for preparing to pass on your wealth and reduce the Inheritance Tax liabilities on your estate, this is an important part of your overall wealth management strategy.

Arrangements can be put in to place for you to give away assets to your partner, family members or friends, to set up a trust fund or to leave something to a charity close to your heart.

We are here to listen to your personal concerns and aspirations for your estate. We will give you expert guidance based on your personal circumstances providing you with the reassurance and peace of mind you need.


Your decisions can benefit your loved ones in the short, medium and long term especially if you choose to gift during your lifetime. Innes Reid will guide you through the options available to you so you can clearly understand how they will affect you and your family.

We’re here to provide you with the reassurance that the legacy you have worked so hard for will benefit those you care about.

Trust funds

You may wish to place capital in Trust so that it is not subject to Inheritance Tax; this normally takes seven years, but there are ways to achieve immediate tax savings. Trusts can also protect assets (i.e. the family home) against the cost of care home fees.

We will breakdown the jargon so you are able to make well-informed decisions about your wealth, not leaving your legacy to chance.

Charity Donation

If you would like to leave funds to a charity that’s close to your heart, our team will advice you on how to achieve this and how your donation can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax on your estate overall.

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