Pensions and Retirement Planning

Retirement is changing, some choose to set up a new business, others pursue working part-time or spend more time with the grandchildren. Whatever your plans for retirement, it is what you make of it. We are here to help you plan for the unique vision you have with expert pensions and retirement planning advice.

  • Understand how much money you’ll need to achieve your retirement lifestyle
  • Gain a clear understanding of your current circumstances
  • Make a robust financial planning road map to give you the reassurance your income will last throughout your retirement

Significant thought and preparation are needed for this major transition. It’s not only our responsibility to take on the burden of your finances but to instil a greater confidence as you approach retirement and as you evolve throughout.

As Independent Financial Advisers it is our role to get you there with a plan that is robust, stress-tested and tailored to an ever-changing life. We can help to resolve your concerns about retirement and ensure you have financial security at the point of retirement and into the years that follow.

Peter & Sarah’s Story

Peter & Sarah came to us for retirement advice, with aspirations to retire early together. With a new campervan in their sights and ambitions to play new golf courses, Peter and Sarah needed the reassurance they would have sufficient income to meet their desired lifestyle.

Find out how Peter & Sarah achieved their road to retirement

Saving For Retirement

The ideal scenario is to start as soon as possible and to save as much as you can afford for a pension, reviewing your investments at every stage of your working life.

Innes Reid’s experienced pension financial planners will help you start the process and will provide the most comprehensive and accurate financial information and investment advice to enable you to create your future financial security.

As Chartered Financial Planners, Innes Reid financial advisers hold the G60 advanced pension qualification and are registered as an approved pension transfer specialist with the FCA, which means we can offer you the very best retirement advice and planning service, carefully reviewing all aspects of your retirement savings plan.

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Nearly Retired

Pensions are far more flexible than they have ever been before, so, if you are nearing retirement, our specialist pension financial advisers can help you make the right decisions to maximise the income from your pension pot.

As part of your pension planning journey we will not only review the total value of your retirement savings and how they are invested but,  also, what you personally want to achieve in your retirement.

Don’t worry, if you think you haven’t saved enough, because there are steps we can take to help you bridge the gap!

We will support you and provide expert guidance with retirement advice covering all aspects of personal or company pensions including Flexible Drawdown, Annuities, State Pensions, Additional Voluntary Contributions, Defined Contributions etc.

Reviewing Your Existing Pension Plans

You may have worked in several different jobs throughout your career and amassed a number of different pension plans, with different rules.

We will guide you through the process of finding out what your ‘pension pots’ are worth, how well they are performing and where they are invested but, more importantly, we will help you to understand what they will provide you in retirement and the type of lifestyle you can expect.

Our specialist pension advisers will work with you to establish what type of pension is right for you, which providers will give you the best return on your investment and how much you can realistically afford to contribute – even considering whether it is suitable to combine all your pension schemes in to one single retirement strategy.

Ready to start planning? Need some pensions and retirement planning advice?

Contact our team today to book a meeting with one of our expert Independent Financial Advisers. Your first meeting with us is entirely at our expense, with no obligation to join us.

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