Wealth Management

Our team of experienced Financial Advisers will work in partnership with you to ensure your portfolio of investments are fully aligned to your financial goals.

Making your money work harder

We proactively manage your entire portfolio of investments, regardless of where these investments are held. Giving you peace of mind that your wealth and financial plan is on track and tailored to you and your family.

  • Maximising the tax efficiency of your portfolio.
  • Securing a better deal for you by accessing discounted rates for annual management charges on a range of investment funds
  • Helping you to manage change effectively.
  • Providing answers, when you need them, to the questions you most want to ask. How much is my portfolio worth? How well is my portfolio performing? What do I need to do next?

Maximise tax efficiency

We have access to a range of different tax-efficient products to invest your money, and make the most of your tax allowances and avoid paying unnecessary tax. We look at your savings and investments portfolio as a whole which means our advice is tailored to suit your own personal financial needs and circumstances.

(Legislation and tax are liable to change in the future. Please remember that tax relief may be altered and its value depends on your circumstances)

Secure a better deal

Innes Reid Wealth Management’s charging structure encourages flexibility in your investment strategy and rewards you as your money grows. As your savings and investments grow, you can benefit from an effective reduction in charges on your portfolio. Our aim wherever possible is to secure a better deal for you so you have more cash to invest.

Achieve your investment potential

We aim to help you achieve your investment potential, making the most of your investment returns while taking into account your attitude to investment risk. We do this by focusing on asset allocation, investment selection and risk management across all the products in your portfolio.

Making life easier

Our Personal Finance Portal

Our online Personal Finance Portal gives you instant access to your portfolio 24/7.
wealth management services in Chester

New to Wealth Management?

If you have recently received a lump sum of money through inheritance, redundancy, a policy maturity or tax-free cash from a pension, you might consider investing the money for your long-term financial future, rather than opting for a short-term savings account, as this could potentially give you a greater return.

Our wealth management investment process supports risk management, asset allocation, tax efficiency and investment selection. We work with you to keep track of your investment performance and keep an expert eye on the market as well as reacting to your own personal circumstances and implementing any changes quickly and efficiently.

As Chartered Financial Planners, we will offer you the very best investment advice and management of your new investment portfolio. With so many choices it’s vitally important that you have the right independent financial advisers in place to look after you and your financial future.

Reviewing existing Investments?

If you haven’t reviewed your existing investment portfolio for a while, now might be a good time to look at how it is performing against your proposed financial expectations.

Taking a proactive approach to monitoring, and organising, your existing investment portfolio is an essential way to make sure that your financial plan stays on target and that your financial objectives are being achieved.

Personal and economic circumstances may have changed since you first started the investment process, your bank may have let you down or you may have lost contact with your previous financial adviser or provider, for various reasons.

Whatever the situation, Innes Reid can carry out a thorough review of your existing investments to analyse ongoing investment performance and to discuss and consider any changes. From the results, we will be able to make recommendations for any improvement, and use the whole of the market to identify the best solution for you.

If your investments are doing well then maybe they could be doing better? The earlier you discover where you are on your financial planning journey the easier it is to stay in control and manage your money.

As Chartered Financial Planners, Innes Reid will offer you the very best investment advice and guidance to help you adapt to changes and circumstances. With so many choices it’s vitally important that you have the right advisers in place to look after you and your financial future.

Ready to make your money work harder?

If you have any questions about managing your investments or would like more information about wealth management please get in touch. Your first meeting at Innes Reid is entirely at our expense and there is no obligation to work with us.

Email enquiries@innesreid.co.uk, Call 01244 347 583 or complete our book a meeting form and we will contact you promptly.

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