Wealth Management Services in Northwich

With the change of pace in today’s financial marketplace, there are lots more investment opportunities than there used to be.

Innes Reid have an established an very efficent six-stage wealth management investment process to help deliver you sound independent investment advice, alongside an online wealth management Northwich system that allows us to manage your entire portfolio of investments, regardless of where these investments are held.

The Innes Reid Wealth Management Northwich Service delivers an innovative approach to financial planning and advice and is designed to make your money work much harder for you, to look after your needs better and make life easier for you.

At each stage of our wealth management process we will ensure that you fully understand what investments we are recommending as part of an overall plan to attain your financial goals.

Our Six Stage Process:

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Before we make any of the investment recommendations, we will need to spend some time getting to know you and to understand your current financial situation, your financial objectives and what long term financial goals you would like to achieve.

Taking in to account your attitude and tolerance to any investment risk is important to the overall success of any investment plan. Our financial risk assessment enables us to reliably determine your overall approach to investing your money, a process that we will review many times throughout your investment journey.

We will create the most effective combination of investments from the various asset classes that are currently available to meet your investment objectives and to achieve the best return within your acceptable level of risk. Our asset and fund recommendations are based on ongoing research and robust investment processes and methodology.

Getting your asset allocation right, and keeping it right is vitally important.

The impact of any tax liabilities on investments is also a very important part of our investment advice, and we are fully conversant with how different tax rules will affect different types of investment. Our aim is to help you make the most of your tax allowances, constructing a portfolio in the most tax efficient manner – to minimise your tax liability.

We will create a portfolio that is tailored to your own personal needs and goals that has the most effective combination of investments from the various different asset classes (cash, bonds and stocks).

By using investment platforms as a portal to the investment market, with access to thousands of different investments, this allows us to manage your money for maximum potential returns.

We keep track of your portfolio, pro-actively assessing whether any adjustments should be made and strive to identify new investment opportunities for you.

Once we have all agreed with the investment recommendations, we will then organise the set-up and transfer of your money to the chosen fund provider. We work closely with the specialist fund managers where your money is invested, and keep you informed as to how your investments are performing on a regular basis.

In a nutshell, we can always answer the questions that every investor wants to know:

  • How much is my investment portfolio worth?
  • How well is my portfolio performing?
  • What do I need to do next?

We will build a long-term partnership with you, so that we can continually tailor and adapt your portfolio going forward to deal with anything life throws at you. You’ll hear from us regularly, and we will always keep your affairs private and confidential.

Keeping track of your portfolio can be problematic at times, which is why we provide easy-to-digest, real-time performance reports which contain details of all your investments. We will monitor the performance of the funds that you are invested in, together with any changes to their managers, and with your agreement make recommendations when we feel it is appropriate to do so, ensuring that it remains in line with the agreed investment strategy.

We can also provide you with valuations and tax reports for your accountant.

Innes Reid are Chartered Financial Planners, so will offer you the very best wealth investment advice, portfolio creation and ongoing wealth management services in Northwich to make your money work that much harder for you.

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