New to wealth management?


If you have recently received a lump sum of money through inheritance, redundancy, a policy maturity or tax free cash from a pension, you might consider investing the money for your long-term financial future, rather than opting for a short-term savings account, as this could potentially give you a greater return.

Whatever your reasons for investing – such as an early retirement or planning for your children’s future or wherever you decide to invest your money, you are taking a risk. At Innes Reid, it is our job to assess and manage your attitude to risk and work with you to provide a solid, long term financial investment plan.

Not only will we advise you of the best possible places and opportunities to invest, but we will keep you on the right path to achieving your short and long-term financial goals.

Our wealth management investment process supports risk management, asset allocation, tax efficiency  and investment selection and is regularly monitored and managed via a flexible framework of specialist resources and tools, all designed to help you achieve your investment potential.

Innes Reid’s Wealth Management Service is all about working with you through an ongoing review process. This enables us to be in a position to keep track of investment performance and an eye on the market as well as reacting to your own personal circumstances and implementing any changes quickly and efficiently.

We have minimised the charges applicable when you first invest your money through the Innes Reid Wealth Management Service and, as your savings and investments grow, you can benefit from an effective reduction in charges on your portfolio, in the form of additional discounts.  Our aim, wherever possible, is to secure a better deal for you so you have more cash to invest.

As Chartered Financial Planners, Innes Reid will offer you the very best investment advice and management of your new investment portfolio. With so many choices it’s vitally important that you have the right independent financial advisers in place to look after you and your financial future.

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