Sharon Aldridge, Office Manager

Working life

A key contributor and valued member of the Innes Reid team since 2007.

Sharon is our Office Manager she makes sure things run smoothly for every team and an expert at keeping our clients informed.

Sharon has over 25 years experience in financial services, with an incredible track record for nurturing our junior team members into fully fledged financial advisers.

Sharon’s skills lie in organisation, people management and systems and procedures.

Home life

What is an ability you wish you had?  I’d love to be able to sing in tune!

What’s currently on top of your bucket list?  Right at the top of my list would be travel. Anywhere and everywhere, so long as it is in style.

What’s the one talent people would be surprised to know about you?  I am double jointed!

Your karaoke song of choice?  Anything Neil Diamond, if they’ll have me (see above)

Brown or red sauce?  Brown, naturally.

Go to comfort food?  Cheese, preferably with a good bottle of red.

Best box set TV binge and why?  A good period drama is guaranteed to capture my attention. I also enjoy historical documentaries. I’m an old-fashioned girl!

Contact Sharon –

Tel 01244 347 583


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