James – “Planning gives me one less thing to worry about.”

Securing Your Future: The Power of Early Financial Planning.

A client since 2009

I work in corporate finance, as much as I know how the industry work’s I still want to make sure I have independent advice for my personal finances. I’m great with other people’s money but I need to make sure someone’s looking after my money.

I came to Innes Reid early on in my career, I was on an upward curve and was initially seeking guidance on my pensions, tax implications. I wanted to make sure my money was working hard for me while I concentrated on my career.

Starting my financial planning journey early in my career has given me that stability, an extra reassurance that my future is safeguarded. I’m making confident, informed decisions with their advice. Having, was one less thing to worry about has been invaluable for me.

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James – “Planning gives me one less thing to worry about.”

Securing your future – The power of early financial planning

“I’m in corporate finance. I’m great with other people’s money. That doesn’t always mean I’m great with my own. So as much as I know how the industry works, I still like to make sure that I’ve got independent advice. Because it’s like I say, I’m great with other people’s money and the bank’s money. But I need to make sure someone’s looking after my money.”

What are your goals for the future?

“Travel the world a bit. I started, you know, went straight from school straight into financial markets so I’ve not had that pause. Quite look forward to trying to retire early, shall we say, so I can make the most of it.”

How did Innes Reid help you?

“Stability at the end of day. I’m always a bit of a worrier so therefore planning early just gives me one less thing to worry about. So having one thing relatively nailed down and planned for is the whole motivation for me having a decent advisor in a decent company.”

What has been the benefit to you?

“It was really just seeking that initial guidance on was the work pensions that I had adequate, how would they see me fit for going in the future. I was on a sort of an upward curve in terms of work so there was tax implications and trying to seek the best schemes and structures really to suit my growth through the various stages that I went through.

It was certainly there when I got divorced in terms of you know not just from a from an emotional point of view but also so from a financial supportive and what we can do, and helping me rebuild any pension that I may have lost from that divorce, but in an ethical way, but also understanding what my future requirements are.”

How important is it to have an expert in your corner?

“In anything in my career or in my job especially, you can teach most things, but you can’t teach enthusiasm and drive, and that just comes over in abundance. You know, it always has from Mark, and that’s why I like working with them.

They’re driven and enthusiastic to secure my future as best as they possibly can.
It’s imperative. You know, Mark’s always there on hand and his team. It’s good to have that safeguard there to make sure you know what the future’s going to look like or at least what the range of what the future could look like.”

What is your experience working with Innes Reid?

“You know, I’m great in my career managing other people’s money from a corporate perspective, but not necessarily myself, so I think I would have made more decisions that might not have been as beneficial as they have been with Innes Reid.
They’ve definitely helped me to sort of get where I need to get and hopefully help me fulfil my dreams with a bit of luck.”

Would you recommend Innes Reid to others?

“Yeah, I definitely would. I think the proofs in the pudding, my brother uses Innes Reid, my best man at my last wedding. So, you know, from that point of view, that sort of proves what I sort of think of them.

But yeah, I would certainly recommend them. Doesn’t matter what stage of your career you’re in, whether you’re at the start, that’s when I started to use Innes Reid. It goes without saying, you stick to your expertise and these guys’ expertise is managing future investments and financial advice.”

Everyone’s financial story is unique. We all have dreams and goals for the future that are personal to us. Watch more client stories here.

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