Karen – “It’s life-changing for us”

Invest in Yourself: Ensuring a Confident Financial Future.

A client since 2008

“We have owned our own business, for 17 years now. We needed advice for our pensions and investments but we also needed the reassurance we were making the right financial decisions for our future.

Taking independent financial advice just gave us overwhelming confidence. We now know we are making the business work for us effectively. Innes Reid’s advice has given us the confidence to know we can retire tomorrow and enjoy it with confidence. It’s really put us in a great place to look forward to the future.”

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Invest in Yourself: Ensuring a Confident Financial Future.

“I’ve always lived on the Wirral. My background’s always been secretarial. We’ve got our own business, and I do the administration for that. The business has been running for 17 years now. Because the business was doing really well, we thought, actually, we need to do something about this now. What advice can we get?”

How did Innes Reid help you?

“We were talking to our accountants 13 years ago, and they recommended Innes Reid. And I’m really grateful they did. Craig was great.
He really instilled confidence. I’m quite risk averse, so I’m reluctant to hand over my money. Paul’s attitude, my husband’s attitude is high risk. He likes that.

Craig’s idea is, right, you’re one individual with your needs and he’s another individual with his needs.

He’d deal with you as a separate client. We don’t come as a package. We’re two individuals. That above everything is what made me really happy. The understanding where I was coming from and made me confident. Confidence is the word.”

What has been the benefit to you?

“I’m a financial worrier. I have to know that I’m gonna be okay in years to come. And I wouldn’t have that without Innes Reid doing what they do.

My retirement is just to have fun. But it’s travel, I love to travel. There’s all these cruises we wanna do, holidays we wanna do, touring holidays. It’s all holidays, isn’t it?

What is your experience working with Innes Reid?

We use the business under Innes Reid’s advice to make it work for us. And now, as we could literally close the business today, and we’re sure that we’ve got a comfortable lifestyle, a pension that, you know, our retirement now is great. I mean, that’s massive.

I mean, we could have been in so different situation if we didn’t have the investments that Innes Reid have done for us. it’s life changing for us, really is.”

How important is it to have an expert in your corner?

“We’re set up now. All that work we put in from the business at the beginning means we’re in a comfortable position now and we wouldn’t have known how to do that, where to go to do that. That was all advice from Innes Reid.

Every step of the way, whatever we’ve needed to know, Innes Reid have told us and said, “Well, here’s your options, but we would advise to do this or we would advise to do that.” With their advice, we made really good choices and it’s been invaluable, yeah. It’s worked.

So, they know what they’re doing at Innes Reid, they really do.”

Would you recommend Innes Reid to others?

“I’ve recommended them to some of my friends, and they are now clients of Innes Reid, and they’re more than happy with the service they’re getting.

Thinking of retiring in a few years-time, what’s the best thing for us? Go and speak to Innes Reid.”

Everyone’s financial story is unique. We all have dreams and goals for the future that are personal to us. Watch more client stories here.

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