Gareth Morris, Senior Paraplanner

Working life

A key contributor to our paraplanning team and valued member of Innes Reid since 2010.

Gareth is one of our senior paraplanners. He specialises in pensions and has exceptional client knowledge and financial initiatives. Which makes him an ideal mentor to our trainee paraplanners.

With strong organisation skills and detailed reporting, his enthusiasm for all things data is essential to our team.

Home Life

What is an ability you wish you had? Hadouken. So when life puts the boot in, I could hit them with the old Streetfighter Hadouken.

What’s currently on top of your bucket list? Bigfoot – There is too much evidence about that it exists and it even traces back to the days before the internet (well early days), so there must be some truth in it.  So one day I am going to dig out my old PS2 and copy of GTA San Andreas and finally find Bigfoot.

What’s the one talent people would be surprised to know about you? I have great survivalist skills. However, my teachers at school didn’t see it that way and insisted on failing me on the Duke of Edinburgh Award for taking the bus, which I think which was harsh.

Your karaoke song of choice? All of Anti-Theft Device by Mixmaster Mike – No I don’t like karaoke, the album has no ‘lyrics’

Brown or red sauce? There is only one source that matters, @FabrizioRomano

Go to comfort food? Dumplings – Pierogi/gyoza/Jiaozi

Best box set TV binge and why? Psych – I know, you know, that I’m not telling the truth……


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