Anne – “It’s for our whole future.”

From Stress to Success: Unleashing Confidence Through Financial Planning.

A client since 2017

“I worked for a bank for 38 years, my husband is self-employed and we had our daughter Isabelle, later on in life. So, there were many elements to our lives that we needed to really think about and protect for the future.

As was coming up to 55 I realised that I actually needed to take some advice on the next stage of my life. I wanted the reassurance I could retire early without any complicated, stressful decisions left to chance.

Innes Reid really took us under their wing and gave us clear advice, that we could understand, our confidence just grew from there.”

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It’s for our whole future” – read Anne’s story.

“I worked for Barclays Bank for 38 years and I’m married to Terry who’s self-employed. But one daughter, Isabelle, I had later on in life at 40 so I still had to plan for her university and we also have properties.

So as I was coming up to retirement we realised that If I want to retire at 55, we’ve actually got to take some advice on it.”

How did Innes Reid help you?

“It was all very relaxed. He did find out so much about us. We had all different finances all over the place and that was a bit I felt reassured about when I left here, was that he was going to tidy that up.

Ours was all a bit messy. He put all of our different pensions and investments into a plan. We walked away thinking, let’s go to the pub and have a drink now. We feel we’ve got a plan.”

What is your experience working with Innes Reid?

“Well, I found Darren straight away just very personable. I’m used to financial advice, I’ve worked for a bank for 38 years, but my husband just isn’t at all. I was interested how he was going to portray it to the two of us because we had such different levels of knowledge on it.

And I didn’t want to go home and explain it to Terry. I just didn’t want to do that. I wanted somebody to take that away from me and be able to explain to him. So the two of us made the decisions together.

I just need this to be nice and clear and not to feel uncomfortable about asking daft questions. But that’s fine. I’ve got used to that now. I get used to the conversations we have together as to is that, do I think that’s the right thing? It’s good. It’s a very balanced and even conversation.”

Has financial planning improved your outlook on life?

“Everything seems to be very flexible and not hard work. I actually had the confidence of 50 to know that at 55 I was going. I don’t have any pressure or stress at all.”

How important is it to have an expert in your corner?

“What I’ve realised is because we had a problem with our business and you know life was a bit tough and when we came to see Darren, he threw a completely different slant on it and we walked away thinking,

Oh, I’m glad we came all those years ago because now we’ve got different options and we’d probably not thought of them. We had this like comfortable feeling that we were going to be okay.”

Would you recommend Innes Reid to others?

“I would recommend Innes Reid to any member of my family, my friends, business acquaintances which we already have done. We’ve probably recommended them five or six times now and they’ve all been really, really pleased with the service you get from here.”

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