What’s next? Financial Trend Predictions for 2018

Financial Trend Predictions for 2018

It’s no secret that 2017 has been a challenging year in the world of financial services. We’ve experienced political upheavals, economic uncertainty and have been required to plan for upcoming regulatory changes. So, what’s next? Here are Innes Reid’s Financial Trend Predictions for 2018:

  1. The Bitcoin Bubble – Our first Financial Trend Prediction for 2018 is that the Bitcoin ‘bubble’ will burst. Bitcoin is the oldest and most valuable cryptocurrency but we fear a major crash.  History suggests financial assets that climb this rapidly usually experience pullbacks that are equally dramatic when sentiment reverses.
  2. Interest Rates and Inflation – Towards the end of last year, we saw UK interest rates rise for the first time in ten years. Another of our Financial Trend Predictions for 2018, is that interest rates will rise again at least once, but the rate of inflation will fall.
  3. Bank Shares – The UK banking market will continue to be challenging in 2018 though we actually predict that UK focused bank shares will rally during the year.
  4. Brexit – Brexit will remain a buzzword in 2018 and will continue to make headlines. However, details of the UK’s departure from EU will remain unclear.
  5. Donald TrumpHe’s well-known for his clumsy remarks and Twitter outbursts, but we don’t believe Donald Trump will be impeached in 2018. However, that’s not to say he won’t be before the end of his term.
  6. FTSE Index – We predict that the UK FTSE 100 will go through 8,000 points during 2018.  
  7. European Red TapeFurther Red Tape (Data Protection) will be added to the UK Statute book despite Brexit
  8. Royal Wedding – With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announcing their engagement, we predict there will be at least one of these in 2018!
  9. Cricket – Not strictly a Financial Trend Prediction for 2018 but we believe that Australia will win The Ashes.
  10. Football – And finally, England won’t win the World Cup.

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