EU Referendum: Should l stay or should l go?

As the political debate goes into overdrive with the run up to the final days before the EU Referendum on June 23rd, and claims and counter claims reach new heights of absurdity and childishness, we ask the question “Should l stay or should l go?”

With the lyrics in the song, by The Clash, also stating “If I go there will be trouble and if I stay it will be double”, it is tempting to dismiss the EU Referendum as a playground squabble within the Conservative Party over who (and when) succeeds David Cameron as party leader, and, the antagonists hope, as Prime Minister.

It is also difficult to cut through the waffle and rhetoric to understand what the real issues are and what might happen to the UK if the majority vote to leave. In truth, no one knows what will happen.

The problem is that political uncertainty leads to economic uncertainty, as we see sterling weakening and share prices showing volatility.

However, we have been here before in recent memory: The Scottish Referendum in September 2014 and the UK General Election in May 2015 were both built up as history defining events that would change the political and economic landscape.  As we now know, nothing much changed!

When managing long term investments, experience tells us that these political events often prove to be ‘a storm in a teacup’.  Taking a long term view means that it is ‘time in’ the market rather than ‘timing the market’ that delivers the best investment results.

Those investors who have been with Innes Reid for some time will recall that we have been here before. We said hold fast in previous times of market uncertainty, and we were correct.

Our robust investment and planning strategies are tried and tested, and we take the same view about holding fast against the current period of market volatility.

If you have any concerns regarding your investments, or long term financial planning strategy, call us today on 01244 347583 or email We would be delighted to offer professional and impartial financial advice and are available at times to suit you.


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