Bella Reidford, Junior Administrator

Working life

An extremely valued member of the administration team and integral to our client experience. Part of the Innes Reid team since 2022

Bella is one of our junior administrators and a valuable part of the team. Mentored by her colleagues, Bella thrives in our busy environment.

She has great organisational skills and a natural rapport with our clients.

Home life

What is an ability you wish you had? An ability I wish I had is teleportation, sitting in traffic has to be the most frustrating thing ever!

What’s currently on top of your bucket list? My Dad recently walked to Everest Base Camp raising money for Prostate Cancer, I would love to go and raise money!

What’s the one talent people would be surprised to know about you? People would be surprised to know I play football for Manchester United U21s, and I am currently the captain.

Your karaoke song of choice? My karaoke song is always Valerie, the crowd get involved and take the spotlight off me which is definitely needed considering I am tone deaf.

Brown or red sauce? I have brown for everything, but if the chips are too hot and there’s only red sauce then I am partial to it.

Go to comfort food? My go to comfort food has to be melted chocolate and strawberries, preferably Cadburys chocolate.

Best box set TV binge and why? My favourite TV programme to binge is Greys Anatomy, I had a knee operation early December and it is no exaggeration to say I didn’t leave the sofa for seven days and that’s all that I watched!


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