LeRoy – “I wanted someone else to take the pressure off me.”

Achieving Early Retirement: Building a Roadmap With a Financial Adviser.

A client since 2019

“I still like to say I’m a southerner, however Ive been here in Chester for 38 years. I’ve spent my career working for a global health care company in some-what high pressured roles. The opportunity arose to take redundancy and retire early and that’s the point where Innes Reid really gave me the confidence to step into this new milestone in my life.

Through their tailored approach to planning and in-depth investment knowledge I am able to make confident financial decisions and actually enjoy my early retirement without worrying about my finances.”

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Achieving early retirement: Building a roadmap with a financial adviser.

“I still like to say I’m a Southerner, as such, although I’ve lived in Chester for 38 years. Having come up here 38 years ago, I spent a lot of my time working for a global healthcare company.

There was an opportunity to take redundancy and retire early. That’s where the advice that Innes Reid and Linden in particular really helped smooth things through and really lay them out very clearly, the options which are available.”

How did Innes Reid help you?

“I would say the first two, three meetings actually were very much around what are your plans for the future? What kind of life do you want to lead? You know, really looking in terms of what my life goals were and therefore looking to strategize my finances accordingly.”

What has been the benefit to you?

“Lynden put me at ease in terms of firstly making me aware that I had a lot of good choices in front of me and that essentially if I were to entrust my finances with him and Innes Reid, then I felt confident that they would manage it to my best wishes. It was important to have what I felt that personal touch, that rapport, and I built that immediately with Lynden and feel really grateful for the advice that I’m being given.”

How important is it to have an expert in your corner?

“I’m someone who likes to plan for the future. So therefore, what I find is hugely beneficial is the approach that Lynden and Innes Reid take, which is forward planning. They’re able to give me advice for my finances, which are very much tailored to how I want to live my life for the next two to five years.

I’ve been very comfortable and confident the choices they have presented to me. It’s given me the option of making what I believe is the right decisions, but based on having all of the data, having all of the facts in front of me.“

How do you feel about the next stage of life?

“If I’d done this myself, I wouldn’t be able to quite work it in the same way.
It allows me a hands-off approach, and therefore I can enjoy what I want to do without worrying about finances.

For someone like me who has had somewhat high-pressure roles in my career, it’s nice not to have to worry about that side of my life. On reflection, it would have been better maybe two, three years earlier to have started at least thinking about retirement and how I was going to invest and what kind of investment I was going to need. I think that people should, where possible, seek financial advice for different stages of their lives.”

Would you recommend Innes Reid to others?

“Yes, I would most wholeheartedly recommend Innes Reid and have done already to friends or colleagues previously as well. I have two young daughters at the moment and I know that I’ve encouraged them to do likewise.

And Innes Reid have been very good with that.”

Everyone’s financial story is unique. We all have dreams and goals for the future that are personal to us. Watch more client stories here.

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