6 important insights from our client survey

Throughout our 22 years of business, we have engaged with our clients, using feedback surveys as an opportunity for a valuable exchange of opinion and experiences. Here we show 6 important insights from our client survey.

In the early days we posted surveys to our clients which they kindly completed in pen and posted back. Our team analysed each one manually over several months with the results being reviewed and developments made to our business.

Things are not so longwinded these days – a simple click of a button and we are gathering valuable insight into our clients’ thoughts and feelings.

In truth, seeing our client’s opinions and tailoring our business to their needs is what keeps our service unique and relevant. We love seeing the responses come flooding in, and we go crazy for a bar chart!

Click here for an illustrated summary of the 2021 Innes Reid survey >>

Our latest survey had plenty of good news and lots of pointers for us to learn from this year.

1. Communication was key during the pandemic.

Communication was key for us during 2020 and 2021. We made a decision very early on during the pandemic to keep communication lines open. From day one, we took to the phones and spoke directly to clients, utilising blogs, videos and emails to keep information flowing.

Our survey results showed our clients responded well to our endeavours giving us a 9 out of 10 for exceeding expectations during the pandemic.

In May 2020 we posted a blog giving an insight into our Lockdown Lowdown, it’s pretty interesting to look back on this and remember the supermarket queues, home schooling and toilet roll despair!

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Our recommendation and performance results

2. Our clients are very happy to recommend us to friends and family.

On a scale of 1 to 10 we asked our clients how likely are they to recommend Innes Reid to their loved ones. 1 – not at all, 10 – I would highly recommend.  We scored an incredible score of 9 out of 10!

This is overwhelming feedback and it is clear our clients are happy with the financial planning service they receive from our team. So happy in fact, that they are taking the time to share their experiences with others and be advocates for Innes Reid.

So, it’s only right we use a heart to illustrate our love for this!

3. Financial planning is more than just investment advice.

Innes Reid five star rating

96% of clients ranked face to face meetings with their adviser high on their essentials for financial planning. Followed by easy access to their adviser, with 91% of clients highlighting access as very or extremely important to their service.

Knowing you have an expert to go to for your financial needs can bring a real sense of security and confidence. Having a plan and knowing you are actively engaging in your financial health can have a powerful effect on peace of mind. Its not just about the numbers.


4. We are rated high on consistency, reliability and clarity.

We scored extremely high with 99% of our clients rating us as highly approachable and trustworthy. It so important to feel comfortable to open up when discussing your personal finances, including your concerns.

From the very first meeting our advisers take the time to understand personal objectives, ambitions, past experiences, likes and dislikes. This communication continues throughout a client’s journey with Innes Reid. As life invariably changes, Innes Reid tailors the advice to keep personal finances on track with ever changing needs. So, it’s absolutely crucial that we make our clients feel at ease.

5. We asked our clients…

What are the top fears when it comes to financial planning


6. Facebook is the social media of choice!

Well actually, Facebook and You Tube are the most popular platforms used by our clients.

Did you know we’re on Facebook? You can follow us here for the latest blogs, industry updates, even pet news, birthdays and weddings! Join our community now and keep up to date.

If you are new to financial planning or concerned about your retirement planning, do not delay, get in touch. Our first meeting is complimentary with no obligation.

Read our client reviews too, you can access them here >>

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