5 milestones when you need a financial adviser

During your lifetime there will be big life events which will impact on your financial future. These milestones can significantly eat up a huge chunk of your savings, but is this just inevitable or can financial planning help you to better navigate such events? In this article we look at 5 milestones when you need a financial adviser.

Personal financial advice can help you navigate these events without sacrificing your economic stability and growth, making sure your decisions are informed, sustainable, and consistent with your overall goals.

So, do you need a financial adviser? Here are 5 big milestone events when personal financial advice could benefit your life.


We all dream of retirement goals. You may have a desire to travel the globe or finally purchase a holiday home in Anglesey . But, how do you make your lifelong goals a reality and plan for a long retirement so your finances continue to support you no matter what?

As Independent Financial Advisers it is our role to understand your lifelong goals and help you to achieve them get you there with a plan that is robust, stress-tested and tailored to an ever-changing life. We can help to resolve your concerns about retirement and ensure you have financial security at the point of retirement and into the years that follow. Helping to instil a greater confidence in your pension and plans.

And, if you are nearing retirement or lacking in confidence our specialist pension financial advisers can help you make the right decisions to maximise the income from your pension pot.

Meet Peter and Sarah, they needed the reassurance they could retire together and chose to seek personal financial advice in Chester to achieve their goals with confidence.

Leaving a Legacy

It isn’t always easy to discuss what you would like to happen to your wealth after death. You may have concerns about your wealth and taking financial care of your family. We have specialist Trust and tax knowledge to guide you through this complex area of Inheritance Tax and gifting to ensure you have full confidence that your loved ones will benefit from your hard work and legacy.

With more and more family’s being caught out by Inheritance tax, professional financial planning will give you guidance for preparing to pass on your wealth and the peace of mind that your inheritance tax liabilities on your estate are reduced where possible.

Buying a home

Buying a house is a significate milestone. It can be a long, complex process but it’s not just about being able to afford the purchase costs, it’s also about being ready for the impact of this purchase (particularly the mortgage) on other aspects of your life.

A financial adviser will listen to your concerns and help you to plan ahead for your future. We create a personal roadmap to show how you we can navigate and support your plans.

We ensure that your mortgage is arranged through the most suitable structure for your requirements and on the most competitive terms available in the market place. With a financial adviser in your corner you can also minimise the time taken and paperwork needed to achieve your mortgage offer too.


Going through a divorce or considering a separation can be one of the most emotionally challenging journeys you may ever experience. We will support you and offer guidance in rebuilding your personal financial plans after a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership.

A pension can be a couples most valuable asset. It is important that pensions are considered in the financial settlement if a couple decides to divorce or dissolve their registered civil partnership. Getting the right independent financial advice and support is crucial to help you reach the best possible financial settlement to protect you and your family.

If you are going through a divorce take a look at our Four Tips For your Pension in Divorce.

Making an investment

You may be considering investing your money for your long-term financial future. A financial adviser will not only give you personal tailored advice on where and how to invest your wealth but they can also help you to create an investment strategy that you are comfortable with.

Our wealth management advice supports risk management, asset allocation, tax efficiency and investment selection. Our financial advisers work with you to keep track of your investment performance and keep an expert eye on the market as well as reacting to your own personal circumstances and implementing any changes quickly and efficiently to look after you and your financial future.

Everyone has a different financial story. That’s why we are so proud when our clients tell us how our support and impartial financial advice over the years has helped to improve their quality of life and peace of mind. If you are approaching one or more of the “5 Milestones When You Need a Financial Adviser” and would like to know more about how a financial adviser can help please get in touch.

We provide a free, no obligation initial consultation. It is an opportunity for you to find out more and see if independent financial advice is for you. Call 01244 347 583 or complete the contact form here and we will call you straight back.

This article is not personal advice. If you are unsure what is right for you, please seek personal financial advice.

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