Four reasons why juniors are giants

When you first contact Innes Reid and hear a friendly voice, or receive a welcoming smile when you walk through our Chester door it’s because an administrator is standing by.

You would be forgiven for thinking an entry level role wouldn’t make a huge impact but the truth is, Conor our administrator is the face of our company and we tell him every day!

So, what makes a great administrator?

1. Endless patience

Staying on hold endlessly with pension providers to ensure Mr Coombes receives his drawdown can be as painful as it sounds! But the junior administrator takes it in their stride. Being on hold is an opportunity to get the scanning/emails/letters/post completed. Conor is poised ready to dive across the desk when the operator answers.

2. Attention to detail

Financial Planning is an ongoing process which is very personal to an individual’s circumstances. It’s the small things that matter to our clients and it’s the administrator’s job to capture those thoughts and expectations. They take note of where our clients want to be in the future and ensure our team of IFAs have access to even the smallest piece of information that can make an impact to the bigger picture.

Without this step our team of financial advisers wouldn’t be able to bring our clients plans to life.

3. Knowledge hub

Whether you come to Innes Reid with questions about your inheritance tax or concerns about your pension pot our team have the knowledge to keep clients moving and get them the right advice from a member of our team.

The whole administration team keep the cogs turning at Innes Reid with invaluable information about each individual at their finger-tips. They even know Mrs Avery’s pet Chihuahua loves cheese! It’s this knowledge that gives our clients a bond to our team and a reassurance that we truly understand their needs.

4. Focus on Milk

Making a brew is a regular occurrence in our office. Milk might seem like a minor thing, but if you ask the team, the sheer panic when we’re out of milk is real!

Hot cups of tea and coffee keep us switched on. Conor is the milk monitor here, it’s one of the most essential tools to keep our team at the top of our game and should never be underestimated.

Meet Conor – our junior administrator and self-proclaimed office juke box


Conor, an administrator at Innes Reid

“When the doorbell ring’s it’s our job to welcome everyone into the building and bring a reassuring smile. After lockdown restrictions eased back in 2021 we really welcomed back our clients for a chat. I genuinely missed that and I know our clients felt the same. ”

What advice would you give an entry level administrator just starting out?

“Go for it. Grab the opportunities as they come and listen to those around you. I definitely look up to members of my team, we share ideas and keep office life enjoyable. We have a supportive friendly culture here. I arrive every day ready to learn and it’s turned into a career I’m really focussed on.”

Questions from the team…

Where was your last holiday?  “Amsterdam.”
What is your favourite takeaway? “Cheesy chips with garlic mayo.”
Best memory of the last year? “Swimming in the River Dee.”

Could this be you?

We’re currently recruiting for a Entry Level Administrator, see the full vacancy details and apply here >>



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